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The reboot of the Continental tires website

User research

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Web design Germany


Creative Direction  Markus Kleine-Vehn & Katja Wenger
Head UX Design  Naiara Odriozola
Visual Design  Markus Kleine-Vehn & Naiara Odriozola 
Animation  Sarah Latka
  think moto

For 150 years, Continental has been building tires that grant people trust, reliability and safety. The brand contacted think moto with the aim to turn a traditionally very product-centric organisation into a customer-centric organisation.

The brief: Create a more user-centric Continental Tires website, redesigned from the ground up to fit how people educates themselves and purchases tires.

Working together, we created an immersive digital experience where we put the customers' requirements first. Presenting this way an offer with fast and smart products and solutions which will differentiate the brand from emerging competitors.

Continental tire types
Continental ipad screen

The user experience
Bringing the brand experience to the screen

After conducting a series of interviews with Continental's customers, retailers and fleet managers, we soon realised that users didn't primarily visit the Continental website to buy tires, but to inform themselves to take better purchase decisions, find information about brand and innovation topics and to compare between different products and services.

To further understand our users' needs, experiences, behaviours and goals we created user journeys and personas. Following the information gathered, we decided that the product pages wouldn't take an e-commerce focus, but instead a more emotional, supportive and minimalistic approach. This would guide our users, enhance engagement and improve their purchase decisions.

Continental Personas
Continental iphone screen
Continental desktop screens

The new brand guidelines & Moodboard
Innovative, supportive & experienced

Continental developed a new set of brand guidelines to improve brand awareness and marketing strategies. Following our discovery workshop with the client, we realised that it was key to present our products in a clean, simple and straightforward manner and this way support our users in their decisions.

To support our vision, we created moodboards that would guide our design process and help implement the new brand guidelines into the website redesign.

Continental moodboard

The interface design
Making tires sexy

The website interface would focus on keeping it simple by using large areas of white space and big margins to focus on single areas of content.

the website relaunch for Continental tires was about presenting the tire as a sensual premium product and granting it an appropriate stage on the website. Continental's product pages feature a large product shot with single tagline and clear, bold design. The header shows how the typography can be used together with the pattern and images, and highlights how the components form a strong brand identity.

Continental mobile screens

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